Friday, August 30, 2013

Mini Fashion Haul + Some Very BIG News!

Hey guys! So, I've been a little quiet the last 2 weeks on here and I am sorry about that.
I DO however have very good reasons which I will explain to you all now :) If you follow me on Instagram you will already know parts of this story ! (You can follow me  @shaunaashikarii )
Basically, I've been applying for jobs since I finished up in college in May. I really wanted a job in makeup, but I did apply to places like LUSH and other normal retail jobs, because while my dream job is makeup I had to be realistic and apply for other jobs. 

I did go for an interview for LUSH 2 weeks ago (I did not get that job btw), BUT oddly enough that night when I came home from that particular interview I then got another phone call asking me to come in for another interview....FOR INGLOT! So as you can imagine, I started freaking out !
So, I had my interview for Inglot on Tuesday just gone, I was EXTREMELY NERVOUS to the point where I was shaking and hyperventilating hahah 
I honestly came home preparing myself for bad news. 
The next day I got a call from the lovely lady who conducted my interview and I can tell you.......
I GOT THE JOB! :D So, I am gonna be working in Inglot's NEW STORE just off Grafton Street in the coming weeks!! I am very excited, so completely overwhelmed and shocked that I got this opportunity and I am so very grateful for it ! 

Anyway! So, I took alittle shopping trip to congratulate myself! & Also to stock up on black clothing (Inglot staff and most MUAs are required to wear all black ! )

Maxi Dress: Forever21
Size: Small
Price: 17.75euro 

Crop Tee: New Look Kids
Size: 14-15years
Price: 4.99euro

Flower Headband: Primark
Price: 3euro
(LOVE THIS, it's a much more understated flower piece than my 2 floral crowns!)

Hair Donut: New Look
Price: 3.99euro
(This is one of the smallest sizes they had as I got about 4-5inches cut off my hair so the bigger my hair can't cover the larger donut anymore!)

Tanning Mitt: Primark
Price: 3euro
(..Every girl's gotta have one haha)

So, thats all guys! When I said Mini Haul I ment MINI MINI!!! XD
I just wanted to show you guys the little bits I got and tell you my excited news!!
I will talk to you guys soon! 

Byee guys!
ShaunaaShikarri is out! 

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  1. congrats!!:) I hope to see some inglot products reviews!