Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Truth About Thinspo & Eating Disorders.

Heyy guys :)
So, today I filmed a video that I found quite difficult to film. I tried filming it twice and just couldn't get my words out properly.. I also got quite worried about the reaction the video would get, but I decided I feel like its something that needs to be discussed in the open, as there is a real stigma attached to this kind of topic.

This video is about my experiences with thinspo/thinspiration and eating disorders. I developed an eating disorder at 13 and I wanted people to know how awful it can be..
I also want to try and help people get help BEFORE their problem becomes to much to handle..

I hope you respect my opinions in this video and if you don't like this topic then by all means don't watch the video. This video is for people who want this information or who need the advice.

To anyone out there who is experiencing this, I want you to know there is a way out and there IS help out there! Please seek it and don't be ashamed to ask for that help, it does NOT make you weak!
Help sites for people suffering with eating disorders:

Here is the link to the video,

So, I hope this is insightful and helpful to those who need it.
Byee guys,
ShaunaaShikarii is out!

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