Monday, August 12, 2013

Bargain Buster Small Haul: New Look!

Heyy guys! 
So, as most of you who have watched my youtube channel would know, 
I LOVE NEW LOOK! My sister worked there for quite a long time so I used to be in there all the time
and even now, I ALWAYS go in when I'm clothes shopping! The store has such a wide selection and its really affordable (not to mention their kids section is fab and fits me :P).

Basically there's a New Look near where I live in a place called Northside shopping centre and the WHOLE STORE has been on sale the last while! Literally everything is either 50% or more off! Crazy bargains!
So, I couldn't resist popping in and seeing if I could grab a few things. Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of clothes left in my size (which is size 8 for anyone whose curious haha), but there was a lot of nice little jewelry and jewelry is something I wear EVERY DAY! So, I'll show you guys what I got, what the original retail price was and what I ended up paying! :)

This headband  is the first thing I picked up! Lately, I've been OBSESSED with Floral headbands & floral crowns! I just LOVE THEM and how dramatic they look! This is just a nice simple one for everyday :)
Original Retail Price: 4.99euro
Sale Price: 2euro!

I've been getting into wearing rings A LOT  more lately, ever since I started being able to find rings that ACTUALLY stay on me (I have VERY small hands xD). So finding this little sets of rings was a great stroke of luck! My favourite one is definitely the swallow ring, as I'm completely in love with swallows!
Original Retail Price: 7.99euro
Sale Price: 4euro!

Another ring I bought! What drew me to this one was the eye in the centre! I also love the shape on it, I just think it looks so interested! I haven't wore it yet, so I've yet to see how comfortable it is xD
Original Retail Price: 4.99euro
Sale Price: 2euro!

I have only ever seen one person actually wear one of these and it was my friend from college! I always remembered it, cause I just thought it looked so unique. So, when I saw this one I thought I might as well grab it while I have the chance. I have worn it once and I will say its a little big for my small hand, but it does look cool!
Original Retail Price: 5.99euro
Sale Price: 3euro!

Just for the record, IT WAS SO HARD TO GET A GOOD PICTURE OF THIS! >.<
This is a floral patterned hair clasp (large hair clip). I have been loving this the last few days just to throw my hair up on lazy days (of which I've been having many :P ).
Original Retail Price: 3.99euro
Sale Price: 2euro!

 I decided to grab this snood style khaki green and black scarf. I know its summer, but it won't be soon!! xD
Original Retail Price: 5.99euro
Sale Price: 3euro!

So, this is the last thing I bought! This is a super cosy, peachy knitted jumper! I LOVE anything slouchy and this is the definition of slouchy! :D I bought this 3 sizes too big for me, too make sure it was super big and cosy (I bought a size 14 btw ). I also wore this jumper in my latest youtube video which was the Rainbow Tag if you wanna check it out here -

Okayy guys, so that's my bargain busting haul for you!
I hope you like the little pieces I picked up and look forward too my next post which will be a post on my Lime Crime lipstick collection ! 
I'll talk to you guys soon!

Byee guys!
ShaunaaShikarii is out!

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