Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day in the Life of ShaunaaShikarri :)

Heyy guys!
So I haven't posted up all this week and I am sorry for that!
I've been pretty busy as my mam has gone away for 2 weeks to Scandinavia and I've been looking after my house and my little doggy Luddy (his full name is Ludwig, but we all call him Luddy!)

Here's a picture of my little baby! He is my lil' prince :D
To keep me company while my mam is gone, my boyfriend Stephen has moved in, which was actually my mam's idea ha 
My mam absolutely adores my boyfriend and wanted him to keep me company while she was gone!
Me & Stephen are planning on filming the boyfriend tag video this week btw so if anyone enjoy watching those videos (I do cause I think their so adorable ^__^ ) then look forward to seeing that on my youtube channel!
This is a picture of myself and Stephen from London in June !

I did however pop into town for an hour to get some food bits in Tescos and on my way I stopped off at LUSH ! I absolutely adore LUSH products from their facemasks, to the bathbombs ! 
I decided to treat myself to 2 new bathbombs Twilight & Big Blue. 

Twilight bathbomb is a gorgeous purple bathbomb that is scented with Lavender (one of my FAVOURITE smells!).
Its supposed to be super relaxing and its also supposed to change colour from bright to dark to resemble a sunset, ohhh lovely!

The Big Blue bathbomb is a blue/green bathbomb that has pieces of real seaweed dispersed throughout it!
One of my favourite facemasks from LUSH is BB Seaweed and I adore anything that reminds me of the beach! So I just had to grab this one! Its supposed to turn your bath water a lovely blue foamy colour, just like the sea :D 

So, the rest of my week has been taken up by cleaning, dog watching and the normal household stuff :)
I am waiting on quite a lot of makeup orders, INCLUDING a Limecrime package which includes the new Babette! Once it arrives, I will be doing a blogpost on ALL my Lime Crime lipsticks including pros & cons
Thats all from me for now, but I will talk to you guys soon!

Byee guys!
ShaunaaShikarii is out! 

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