Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Lime Crime Lipstick Collection!

Heyy guys! So, this is a product that I have used for quite awhile now and I'm constantly raving about them on my youtube channel and have used them in videos. This product is of course the LIME CRIME LIPSTICKS! 

For those of you who want a little back story, Lime Crime was set up in 2008 by Doe Deere (she is the cutest woman ever, google image her!). Their products are CRUELTY-FREE and most of them are Vegan friendly too! How awesome is that?! As for their pricing, they are seriously affordable compared to other brands, specially when it comes to their lip products! A lime crime lipstick in euro is 12euro, whereas a MAC lipstick is 17.50euro! Which one would you choose? xD

So, I'm gonna show you the 7 lipsticks I have and the 1 Velvetine! I'm also gonna tell you the Pros AND Cons of these lipsticks :)

Left to Right: D'Lilac & Chinchilla 

D'Lilac is by far the BEST LILAC LIPSTICK I've ever tried! I always wanted a Lilac/Lavender lipstick cause its my favourite colour and I love cute pastels! This was the second one I tried and  it is gorgeous!
It does require a lot of top ups though, because its such a light colour. It's still beautiful though!

Chinchilla is a grey colour with purple undertones. This is one of the only colours I haven't really had a chance to wear yet, but it is lovely so I don't want to take away from that! It's a lovely colour and I definitely think it'll be slightly longer lasting than some of the other colours as its darker and has a matte finish.

  Left to Right: Airborne Unicorn & Poisonberry

Airborne Unicorn is one of the newest to my collection! It is a gorgeous purple colour with the most gorgeous pink hue! It is SUCH a unique colour, I literally have NEVER seen another colour like it ! If your looking for a great purple lipstick, this really is one you must check out!

Poisonberry was a lipstick I lusted after for MONTHS ever since I saw Rose Shock wear it in a photo on her fb page (Rose Shock is a massive makeup inspiration of mine!). It is the darkest purple Lime Crime offer. It is a dark purple colour with a slight magenta like hue from it. This colour has a constant shine so transfers quite badly (as in if you plan to kiss, DON'T wear this xD), but it really is beautiful. It reminds me of a lipstick I'd see a hot villain wearing ;)

                                                Left to Right: My Beautiful Rocket & Babette

My Beautiful Rocket is this MEGA BRIGHT ORANGE! This was the second orange lipstick I tried and it is fab! Absolutely love it! Orange can be quite a scary colour to wear, but honestly it really does look great! It makes a nice change from red, which I wear a lot!

Babette is one of the newest releases from Lime Crime. It was released on July 15th and I got it at the start of this month :) I wanted it, because I wanted a nude lipstick with some sort of colour in it, as most nude lipsticks make me look like I'm dead since I am very pale xD I will admit, it looked slightly odd to me when I first put it on, because I'm not used to wearing that kind of pale colour, BUT within afew minutes I really liked it. I did put a gloss over it to make it look a little more me and I wore it in my latest video the Rainbow Tag

 Left to Right: Glamour 101 & Velvetine; Red Velvet

Glamour 101 is a deep, blue toned red lipstick! This could be compared to MAC's Russian Red, but a bit darker still. It really reminds me of a Dita Von Tease kind of colour! It's beautiful! This lipstick isn't quite a matte finish, but its not super shiny ! This is another colour that transfers pretty badly, but it's still absolutely stunning! Perfect for those girls who love their dark red lips!

Velvetine; Red Velvet is a true, matte red lip product! This was one of the FIRST Lime Crime product's I ever bought and it is STILL my favourite! It is my favourite red lip product of the current time and I have tried many!! I even did an entire video on How To Do Perfect Red Lips tutorial using this product
And also, this product drys completely matte and LOCK TIGHT! It does not move!! What more could you ask for?!

To finish this post, I am gonna post up the list of Pros & Cons for these products, as I want this to be a completely honest review!

PROS:                                                                                        CONS:
Colour pigment is so strong                                                        Longevity is not that great, they do require
So many colours to chose from                                                  top ups (excluding: Velvetine)
Price range is quite affordable                                                    They transfer quite badly as they don't dry
Packaging is super cute                                                              completely matte (excluding: Velvetine)
The amount of lipstick you get is quite a lot.


So everyone, that is my Lime Crime lipsticks collection ! I hope this post was fun and maybe even useful for you if you were thinking of buying some of the Lime Crime lipsticks. If you do want to purchase some of their products, you can go to their website by clicking the link below to go straight to the Lips section! :) (this is an affiliate link)

That's it from me today, but I will talk to you guys soon!
Byee guys!
ShaunaaShikarii is out! 


  1. Very pretty colors you have! I love that poisonberry one!

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