Sunday, October 20, 2013

Review (& Rage): Mudd Original Mask

Heyy guys!
So, I know I've been VERY QUIET this last month, for which I do apologize. I've been really all over the place starting work and sorting out all my time around that. I'm not used to have such a solid job where I'm working quite a lot, so its taken some getting used too. I've been trying to figure out ways to make time for family, friends, youtube etc. around my new job. I've not 100% figured it all out yet, but I'm doing my best haha!

Anyway, when I bought this product I knew I wanted to review it and after using it I wanted to do it EVEN MORE.
On Thursday night after work I popped into Boots to grab some daily essentials and I noticed this big 3 for 2 sections and what Irish person can resist a bargain?!? The first thing that caught my eye was this facemask. I've spoken about my love for facemasks in the past and I love to try new ones out!

So, this was the mask I picked up! A trial pack of the Mudd Original Mask, Deep Cleansing Pure Clay Formula (and yes I bought 3 in the special.. :( )
This mask claims to deeply cleanse the skin of hidden oils and grime. It also says after use skin feels smoother, softer and deeply cleansed and WILL NOT cause blemishes.
Sounds great right?
The next night I decided to whip out the facemask whilst I was relaxing and give it a go! I kept it on for roughly 15mins (give or take afew mins) as on the pack it suggests to keep it on for 10-15mins.
When I had the mask on, I noticed my skin felt very constricted.. and I just assumed that's what happens when the mask drys and that's how it worked.
As I was washing the mask off my face felt very smooth.... however, once my face was dried off I noticed my skin felt VERY dry, VERY tight and just generally uncomfortable. I assumed it was just the after effect so I put on my strongest moisturizer and went about my business. The next morning, I woke up with the first spot I've had in MONTHS! I had dry/rough patches on my face and my skin just felt so dry like it would crack!
Its now 2 days later and my skin STILL feels awful.
I genuinely feel like this mask has stripped my skin of ALL it's oils, not just "excess". I would definitely NOT recommend this mask, unless you have SEVERELY oily skin. For anyone whose combination. dry or even normal skinned (which I am), STEER CLEAR OF THIS!


Sorry to come back which just a unsatisfying review guys, but I had to warn you all! haha
Talk to you all soon!

& Remember to give into your beauty lust ;) x

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