Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Themed Haul! & My Halloween Decorations!

Heyy guys!
So, I went and did a little shopping this week and a lot of it was Halloween themed items I bought!!
I also decorated my bedroom with my own Halloween decorations!
I thought I'd share with you all the items I bought & how I decorate my box room for Halloween!

The first thing I bought was this ADORABLE Mickey Mouse skeleton t-shirt from Pennys for 8euro!
I feel like Pennys (or Primark as it's known in the UK) has really stepped up its game recently with their items. Their prices have gone up alittle bit to match this, but their still quite affordable compared to most highstreet stores :)

These super cute Bat shaped earrings I got from Forever21 for 4.50euro!
I loved these!! I love anything with bat motifs and I have 4 ear piercings, so I'm CONSTANTLY buying studded earrings! These were a great lil find for me :)

Of course, I had to stop by Inglot since I work for them now haha!
I wanted to pick up some new eyeshadows, so I bought 5 new eyeshadows and a new 10 palette (I now have 2 full 10 palettes & a full 5 palette!)

Swatches: (From left to right)
#327, #452, #14, #72, #362

I'm absolutely LOVING #452 atm! Those gorgeous burgundy red colours are really popular right now not just in eyeshadows, but in lip colours as well! A 5 square palette at Inglot costs 36euro! :)

I have a very big sweet tooth and I couldn't resist this chocolate ghost trick or treater lollipop!
It was DELISH! This was 1.50euro in the chocolate shop upstairs in Jervis !
Great if your looking for some cute treats for trick or treaters this year!

The first of my Halloween decorations were these little spooky tealight candle holders!
These were only 2euro in Dealz! Dealz is a "pound shop" in Dublin and it always has FAB cheap items! These were one of those great finds for me!

This is a close up of some Halloween tinsel I bought also in Dealz for 1.49euro! BARGAIN!
It is a mix of black and white tinsel with white skulls scattered throughout! Its a great decorations for your windows! Simple and eye catching in my opinion!

So this is my window decorations!
The Jack and Sally dolls I've had for years, they were bought in Disneyland Florida!
The Billy doll is from the movie SAW. It was a Limited Edition Living Dead Doll bought in Thorpe Park, London! And the hanging ghost pumpkin was bought YEARS AND YEARS ago in a Halloween store in America :)

So, I hope you all enjoyed my little Halloween themed haul and my little decorations!
Halloween is my favourite time of the year and I always try my best to celebrate it properly :)

Have a great Halloween guys !
& I'll talk to you soon!
& Remember to give into your beauty lust ;)

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