Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Product Test & Review - GOSH BB Cream

Heyy guys!
So this week, I was in Doc Morris pharmacy and I came across the GOSH makeup display.
For awhile now, I've been contemplating buying the GOSH BB cream. I have sampled afew different ones, including the Nivea and Garnier BB creams and I kept noticing one very bad thing -
THE LIGHTEST SHADE IS RIDICULOUSLY DARK! No joke I tested these on my hand and the lightest colour was ORANGE! How does that even make sense?!
So, morale of that little story is I kinda gave up on BB creams because of this.
But the GOSH BB cream lightest shade seemed to ACTUALLY be light! So I caved in and bought it.
It costs 13.99euro, which is around the same price as GOSH foundations which I thought was kinda silly.. but oh well.
This is what the BB cream looked like on my hand :

So, as I said I purchased the lightest shade which is called Sand. It matches my skin tone quiet well and it really does disappear into my skin.
I took some pictures of my face BEFORE I applied the cream and AFTER so you can see the exact difference. No editing was done on these photos!



Okay, I'm someone who is used to a good bit more coverage than this but I will say it does tone down my redness a little and it does feel nice to have such lightweight product on, specially when its been so warm in Dublin! However, I am someone who is prone to dark circles and as you can see, is doesn't cover that kind of thing very well.. I have been wearing this the last few days, BUT I always wear a concealer with it as I need something under my eyes or I look like a zombie xD

I don't think this product would work very well for someone with acne prone skin or blemish prone skin. You would need to have quite clear skin to begin with to have this product do anything for you.

Pros for this product: Lightweight, good shade match, quite moisturizing, has an SPF of 15, helps tone down redness.

Cons for this product: Does not cover dark circles or blemishes, the tube is quite small for 14euro, will have to be paired with a concealer.

So since this blog is Beauty Lust, I'm gonna rate this product on a scale of:

Hope this review was helpful and I will talk to you guys soon!

Byee guys,
ShaunaaShikarii is out! 

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