Friday, July 26, 2013

Makeup DIY: Melt your lipsticks & Create your own lip palette!

Heyy guys! 
So I've contemplated doing this for quite awhile, but I was put off for a couple of reasons. 
1. I didn't want to destroy my lipsticks. 
2. There's some lipsticks I use frequently on myself and I didn't wanna melt the whole lot of them. 
3. I couldn't find a good empty lip palette to put them into! 

However, I finally caved in and did it due to the fact that carrying around multiple lipstick tubes to photoshoots and stuff is a bit of a pain >.<

There's a small list of stuff you will need to do this:
1. A lit candle!
2. A knife to cut your lipsticks
3. A spoon
4. An empty palette for your lipsticks
5. Cotton buds (for any messy bits you need to mix)
And of course 6. YOUR LIPSTICKS :D
The empty palette I have is by a company who specialize in makeup tools and various empty palettes called Japonesque. I purchased my palette online at guru makeup emporium !
Here is the link to the palette I purchased

I'm gonna go through all the steps I took with you!
Step 1. Lay your palette on a flat surface as the melted lipsticks will take a few minutes to dry in the palette and you want them to dry nicely in shape :)
Step 2. Take your chosen lipstick and cut it in half (I found half a lipstick was plenty to fill the individual slots)
and then place the cut off lipstick on your spoon.
Step 3. Hold the spoon over your lit candle and wait for it to melt completely, so there is no lumps!
Don't hold the spoon too close to the flame or the lipstick will boil and you'll get air bubbles (I found MAC lipsticks are more prone to it!)
Step 4. Once your colour is completely melted, your into one of the compartments and clean up any spillage!
And once it's dry, YOUR DONE!

Repeat this process for however many lipsticks you are doing and enjoy your new lipstick palette!
Would definitely recommend the Japonesque palettes btw, they really are fantastic!
Hope this was helpful!
Talk to you guys soon!

Byee guys,
ShaunaaShikarri is out 

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  1. Great post! Really helpful!(: