Monday, November 18, 2013

Glossybox: November Edition!

Heyy guys!
So my November Glossybox arrived last week! I've been testing out the products the last few days and I decided to tell you what I think!
I wasn't super impressed with the October box.. I was pretty bummed with it so I was a little worried this month's wouldn't be that good.. I was PLEASANTLY surprised!
I'm absolutely loving this month's box!

Vichy Idealia Life Serum: This was the first product that caught my eye! Very cute little packaging and nicely presented! However, they are VERY small. I received 3 mini samples of 3ml so altogether you go 9ml of product! This is a serum you put on before makeup that works as a smoothing & illuminating primer! It is very nice on the skin, very smooth and hasn't got a heavy, thick consistency! I didn't really notice any "illuminating" properties, but still a nice product!

Yves Rocher Collection Cacao: Cacao & Orange Hand Cream: Now I work as a makeup artist, so I am constantly using my hands!! My hands do get a little dry, but I don't have any severe cracked skin or anything major. So this hand cream appealed to me. It's just moisturizing & has an absolutely DIVINE smell!!! Oh my gosh, it smells like Terri's Chocolate Orange (one of my favourite kinds of chocolate!).
I've been carrying this around with me everyday !

Scholl Dry Skin Exfoliator: So this is one of those products that I would be kinda embarrassed to buy in the shops, which is silly I know, but I have a phobia of feet so I'm a little creeped out by products for feet haha! This is an exfoliator for rough skin on the soles of your feet. I find girls notice this more so than men, because woman wear heels etc which can cause the rough skin. I also work at a job where I stand all day so that doesn't help! So I was curious to see if this works! It says you have to use it 2-3 times a week! I have used it twice now and I don't notice a whole lot of difference, but my feet are particularly rough so I will keep using it and see if that changes :)

B.Smokey/ Soft, Blendable Kohl Eyeliner: So this is a 'black' pencil with a smudger on the end of it, however it comes out alittle more grey. It is quite a nice pencil! Nice texture, very smooth, nice colour pay-off, however its grey so I don't think I'll use it myself very much. Also I generally use gel liner now as its waterproof and doesn't need much topping up. 

Emite Make Up Micronized Eyeshadow (Dams): This eyeshadow sounds so impressive with that nice doesn't it?!?!?! hahaha Well it is quite nice! It's a matte black eyeshadow, it is SILKY smooth ! Honestly, it is like velvet when you touch it! Basically the purpose of this eyeshadow is that it has NO FALL OUT! And I gotta hand it to Emite Makeup, I really didn't notice any fall out when using this! So it definitely does work in that respect. However, it retails at £16.80 (Euro price not given)!! No way would I pay that much for this small eyeshadow.

So everyone that's the November Glossybox!! Like I said I'm super impressed with this month's box, definitely a massive step up from last month's edition!! If any of you are interested in signing up to Glossybox or want more info feel free to check out there website here 

That's all from me today, but I'll talk to you soon! 
& Remember to give in to your beauty lust ;)


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